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anime_showdown's Journal

The Ultimate Anime Showdown
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Battle Specific Rules:

1 on 1

Two individuals have been stolen from space and time by an unknown force. These two individuals have been transported to an earth-like world, the exception being that there is no sentient life, and no signs of past sentience anywhere on the planet. The two opponents have been placed 100 feet apart, facing each other, armed only with whatever they were wearing and carrying, and the following knowledge:
1. that the person facing them is their opponent
2. the conditions of victory
3. that neither of them can leave the world until a victor is declared

Team Battles

Two or more groups of anime characters have been whisked away to our secluded reality, and the same rules apply except:
1. In order for one group to be declared the victor, every member of
   every other group must meet the conditions outlined in
   rule #6 above.
2. The winning group must have at least one surviving member.
3. Members of any team may "defect" to any other team at any time
   as long as they are not the only member, but they cannot change
   teams more than once.
    a. Defections are not allowed in impossible situations, i.e. Lavi (Last
       Exile) defecting while navigating a vanship.
    b. Defections will be voted on after the battle has been decided,
       during the next week's "life or death" poll.

Brought to you by lias & scottishfae, who can be reached at ljanimeshowdown@gmail.com


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Miscellaneous Information:

How to change your vote:
For those indecisive people out there who voted and then changed their minds, there is a way to change your vote as well. If the poll is still open, go to the poll information by clicking the numbered link.

You should go to a plain white screen with the poll information listed out. At the top left of the screen, click the link that says "fill out poll."

Once you've clicked this link, you can easily change your vote as many times as you want.

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